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Taekwondo is a very systematic martial art from Korea that involves head-height kicks, spinning, jumping, and fast kicking techniques. Taekwondo is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts and one of the more popular forms to learn. Many people enjoy Taekwondo at Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo because it involves more than just movement of the body, but also positive training of our spirit and mind.









Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo is dedicated to empowering you or your child with the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed in everyday life. Taekwondo can bring out the positive qualities that have always been a part of you or your child, whether that is inner calm, positive mental attitude, patience, or self-discipline. Taekwondo will help you overcome fear, anger, and self-doubt, and leave you feeling confident in any situation.






Training in Taekwondo takes many people out of their comfort zones because it is more difficult than other martial art forms. Taekwondo is physically very dynamic with a lot of active movements and poses from other perspectives. Many parents at Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo enjoy enrolling their child in Taekwondo because it is a total learning activity that involves basic forms, board breaking, kicking, striking, and punching. This helps a child’s coordination, balance, and physical fitness. Taekwondo also helps students at Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo learn self-discipline, respect, and focus. Many parents at Jason Wadley’s Taekwondo of Lake Jackson see an improvement in their child’s learning and an increased attention span and focus in school.


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We are located in the old downtown portion of Lake Jackson behind Smithheart’s Grill and Domino’s.

103 North Parking place, Lake Jackson, TX 77566